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    1154x900x950 mm (WxLxH)


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Sharing data through a variety of different tools can be complicated and counterproductive. PrintSphere offers you the ultimate solution. It is a cloud-based service that makes it easy for you to store data online and swiftly exchange files with, for example, customers, colleagues, and freelancers.

This Software as a Service (SaaS) can be integrated with Agfa’s Asanti workflow and StoreFront web-to-print service. As such, it efficiently completes and facilitates your entire workflow by offering you a simple solution for swift data sharing.

Integrate PrintSphere with our workflow solutions to allow customers to upload data directly to their jobs, based on an email invite. PrintSphere also automatically creates off-site backups of your vital data, which are ready to use in case something goes wrong. It, as such, enhances your business continuity plans as the data could be downloaded at any time and be used to resume printing.